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Due   to   the   supranational   nature   of   electronic   communications   infrastructures,   those   who   access   the   Website   from   other   countries   should   also   observe the applicable legislation enacted by each state, to the extent that the same result from mandatory application. 3. Rules of use. 3.1 Purpose and acceptance. The main purpose of these rules is to regulate access to the Website. They are obliged to observe all users. Access   to   and   navigating   the   Website   constitutes   acceptance   expressly   and   unreservedly   to   the   provisions   contained   in   this   Legal   Notice   so   if   any   user does not agree with any of them, you should not access or browse the Website. 3.2 Conducts unauthorized. Who   access   the   Website   must   observe   the   applicable   laws   and   regulations   scrupulously   use   the   Website. According   to   all   this,   they   refrain   from   conduct involving: 1. denigrate the services provided by the Website. 2. Spread computer viruses which adversely affect computer programs or content, media or systems. 3. Remove the technical protection of computer programs. 4. Incorporate and / or publish content of any kind. 5. Disclose xenophobic or pornographic content. 6. Use for commercial purposes the contents of the Website when that proves not expressly authorized. 7.   Associating   contents   of   the   Website   with   pornographic   information   concerning   any   exploitation   of   racist,   xenophobic   or   linked   to   terrorism   or   arms trafficking nature. 8.   Transform,   publicly   display,   distribute,   transfer,   reproduce   or   modify   the   contents   of   the   Website,   unless   it   can   apply   any   of   the   exceptions   valid   in   law or expressly authorized outside by the owner of the Website. 9. Failure to comply with the technical requirements or specifications established for access to the Website. 10. Issue defamatory comments that may affect fundamental rights of others. 3.3 Suspension of the Website. The operation of the Website is supported by servers of companies providing online services through public communications infrastructure and private. Access to the Website may be suspended for technical reasons or for reasons of force majeure, such as: 1. Failures in the supply of electricity or telephone network. 2. Errors users in accessing the Website. 3. Fires, floods, earthquakes or other acts of nature. 4. strikes or labor disputes. 5. armed conflicts or other situations of force majeure. The above causes are expressed expository but not limited to, whether in the nature of unpredictable or predictable, are inevitable. That is why the holder of the Website declines and is exonerated of any responsibility when they take place any of these reasons. 3.4 Legal responsibilities. Failure   to   follow   these   rules   or   legislation   in   that   they   seek   protection,   may   involve   the   materialization   of   an   illicit,   an   administrative   penalty   or   an   offense and shall entitle the holder of the Website to, if necessary, demand accountability in the civil, administrative, labor or criminal law that may apply. Expressions, opinions or comments unlawfully incorporated those performing will respond. 4. Contents of the Website. 4.1 Types of content. All   content   included   on   the   Website,   by   way   of   example   and   not   limitation,   text,   graphics,   images,   design   and   all   intellectual   property   rights   that   could correspond to such content, are owned by the owners of the Website, being all rights reserved thereon. Under   no   circumstances   shall   access   and   /   or   navigation   of   the   user   by   the   Website   implies   a   waiver,   license   or   total   or   partial   transfer   of   these   rights   by the holders of the Website. You   may   not   modify,   copy,   reuse,   exploit,   reproduce,   publicly   communicate,   make   second   or   subsequent   publications,   upload   files,   mail,   transmit,   use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the Website, unless prior express written authorization the holder of the Website. 4.2 Trademarks and logos associated. The   trademarks,   logos   and   /   or   distinctive   signs   incorporated   in   the   Website   are   the   exclusive   property   of   the   Website   propietari,   counting   those   with authorization for use on the Website. Those   who   navigate   the   Website   are   forbidden   to   use,   copy,   reproduce,   communicate   to   the   public,   modify   or   otherwise   exploit   such   trademarks,   logos and trademarks without authorization and / or license holder thereof. 4.3 Links to other Websites. Mentions and / or links on the Website can be made from other third-party websites, if any, will merely informative. The owner of the Website does not develop or administer these websites nor owns Internet addresses cited, unless it expressly stated. Therefore,   the   holder   of   the   Website   is   not   liable   for   the   content   or   by   incorporating   those   damages   arising   from   such   access   or   generated   by   those services supplied. 5. Contact. If   you   have   any   questions   about   this   Legal   Notice   or   any   comments   about   this   Website,   please   contact   us   through   the   following   email   address: 6. Publication of the Website and the rules of use. This Legal Notice along with the rules of use of the Website are available to anyone who accesses the Website. Those who enter it can consult and print freely. The   contents   of   this   Legal   Notice   shall   be   adjusted   in   accordance   with   changes   that   occur   in   the   applicable   law,   the   structure   of   the   organization, services, design and technical specifications of the Website and technology infrastructure. Therefore, they can be updated periodically and without notice. In these terms, we suggest you consult this Legal Notice Website frequently to check their changes over time.